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Oracle Access Management 12cPS4 Workshop – материалы

14 февр. 2012 г.

Oracle Identity Manager workshop V2.0, English language edition

Due to many requests I'm uploading new version of Oracle Identity Manager labs (OIM 11g Workshop V2.0), in English language and based on latest OIM version - OIM11g PS1 ( You can find here 13 labs, adopted for new environment and checked during workshop session in Ulan Bator (Mongolia) last week. All labs are with old functionality, new labs with ICF / Connector Upgrade / Personalization are on the list and will be released soon time allowing.

По многочисленным просьбам выкладываю новую версию серии лабораторных работ, посвященных Oracle Identity Manager (OIM 11g Workshop V2.0) на английском языке и на основе нового образа с последней версией OIM - OIM11g PS1 ( Вы найдете там 13 работ, адоптированных под новую версию, которые уже были проверены в ходе сессии в Улан-Баторе (Монголия). Содержание работ - старое по предыдущей версии работ, работы с новой функциональностью (ICF / Connector Upgrade / Personalization) планируются в ближайшем будущем, если позволит время.

Содержание работ / labs content:

Lab #0. Workshop content.
Lab #1. Getting familiar with the system. Start and run applications. (Basic)
Lab #2. User management and delegated administration. (Basic)
Lab #3. Installing the LDAP-directory DSEE connector. Provisioning access through admin interface. (Basic)
Lab #4. Access policies and roles. Granting access through roles. (Basic)
Lab #5. Trusted Reconciliation (Basic)
Lab #6. Target System Reconciliation. (Advanced)
Lab #7. Role request for role, setting up a simple approval process. (Advanced)
Lab #8. Resource provisioning requests, approval workflows. (Advanced/Elements of design)
Lab #9. Resource provisioning requests for several users (Bulk Request), subrequests. (Advanced/Elements of design)
Lab #10. Event handling mechanism, plug-ins. (Advanced/Elements of design)
Lab #11. BI Publisher & OIM 11g. Building a standard report, the development of simple reports. (Advanced/Elements of design)
Lab #12. Complex approval workflows in OIM. (Advanced/Elements of design)
Lab #13. Building a sample trusted system connector. Reconciliation tasks. (Advanced/Elements of design)

Workshop assets in case you don't have the VMWare image itself (source code, XML files etc)

For any questions regarding these labs set, pls, contact me at

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