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Oracle Access Management 12cPS4 Workshop – материалы

7 авг. 2012 г.

Oracle Identity Manager workshop V2.0, ICF Labs 14-16, English language edition

Due to numerous requests I've done translation of the labs 14-16, dedicated to ICF in the OIM 11gPS1 Workshop. Well, it took quite a while, but, remember, this job is a kind of optional to me. ICF technology showed up in the OIM, coming from (ex-)Sun Identity Manager and allows you to bring isolation levels between connector code and provisioning server integration level.

Выкладываю англоязычный вариант лабораторных работ 14-16 по разработке коннекторов в технологии ICF, пришедшей из (ex-)Sun Identity Manager и позволяющей разделить процесс создания кода доступа коннектора к системе и процесс привязки коннектора к серверу предоставления доступа.
Lab #14 ICF: Creating ICF connector, basics.

Lab assets: java code, XML definitions etc

Please, contact me if you have any questions / suggestions...

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